VisDial Dataset

Download v0.5

Training set (1.2G)
50,729 images
Validation set (168M)
7,663 images
Testing set (215M)
9,628 images


  • v0.5 Training and Validation sets are from COCO Training and v0.5 Testing set is from COCO Validation
  • Numbers (in papers, etc.) should be reported on v1.0 which will be released in Spring 2017, and not on v0.5
  • v1.0 will be released by end of March, submissions to deadlines prior to that should report numbers on v0.5.


    'image_id': <COCO image id>,
    'split': <COCO split>,
    'caption': <image caption from COCO>,
    'dialog': [
        'question': '...',
        'answer': '...',
        'options': <100 candidate answers>,
        'gt_index': <index of `answer` in `options`>
      ... (10 rounds of dialog)